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This work-in-progress contains photographs of birds by Mike Danzenbaker. Hundreds of species are represented, and several times more will be added during the next several weeks and months. Current coverage is primarily North America, but will eventually include Central and South America, Antarctica, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Photos of other wildlife and general nature will also be added in time.

The subjects in every photo are wild and unrestrained.

None of the photos on this site have been digitally manipulated in any invasive way; no elements have been added to or removed from the originals. (This latter point qualifies every photo as "FoundView".)

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View photos of particular species by clicking on the links in the list to the right. Many species are represented by more than one photo; watch for and buttons to the upper right of each photo; these access additional photos of the same species. If you don’t care about particular species, enter the gallery for a selection of several images.

The list on the right can be displayed in taxonomic order or alphabetical order. Taxonomic order is based primarily on evolutionary relationships. It is most often used by ornithologists, and also with increasing frequency by birders. If you aren’t familiar with that ordering system, you’d be better off switching to alphabetic ordering (the link is in the upper right corner).

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